A key issue facing regional, rural and remote communities around the world is the low level of digital literacy among some cohorts of students. This is particularly the case for students involved in agricultural studies where it is commonly perceived that digital literacy is not relevant to their future occupation. However, this perception is far from the truth, as the reality of farming today means students who intend on entering the agricultural workforce must have excellent comprehension of technology. The agricultural industry is changing with the ever-increasing use of technology across the supply chain demanding a workforce with higher degree skills in STEM and digital literacy to facilitate the transformation of this sector.

The GPS Cows program (GPS Cows) is a collaborative project bringing together researchers, industry professionals and educators in both Australia and the USA who understand the importance of, and are passionate about engaging students in agri-tech. The aim of GPS Cows is to increase the knowledge and skills of high school students in emerging agri-tech, specifically tools and systems which provide animal location and behaviour data, and to encourage them to consider tertiary study and a career in the agricultural sector. It is also hoped that the international collaboration will demonstrate to students the importance of agriculture globally and increase their knowledge and appreciation of the industry in other countries.

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